About Adam:

Adam has lived in Prestonpans for the majority of his life and has close ties to the town and the surrounding area of East Lothian. Prestonpans is where the maternal side of his family originates and many currently reside in the town and surrounding area. Podiatry has always been a keen subject for Adam due to foot problems of his own, a factor which he feels makes him more understanding of the issues and challenges related to foot pain and its treatment.

On completion of his degree at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Adam began working for the NHS full time while also running Adam Smith Footcare in his spare time.

In the 2 years working for NHS Lothian full time, Adam worked throughout Edinburgh and spent time in specialist clinics including Nail Surgery, Biomechanics and the Diabetic departments before moving to the East Lothian Podiatry team.

During his time spent in East Lothian, Adam worked mainly in Prestonpans and Musselburgh clinics and regularly did home visits throughout the region.

In 2011 Adam decided to focus more on his private practice and left the NHS. He has since rejoined the NHS where he works one day a week based in the Diabetic foot clinics of the Royal Infirmary and Western General hospitals. His role is that of a ward Podiatrist undertaking treatment of high risk or immobile patients who are in long term care of the hospitals. He is the only Podiatrist to do this in Edinburgh. Through this he is able to continue his development and see a wider range of challenging and high risk cases than would usually be seen in private practice.

From September 2011 until December of that year, Adam assisted at Queen Margaret University teaching undergraduate students. He assisted in the Biomechanical clinic with clients with an array of musculoskeletal problems. The clients that attended this clinic tended to be more challenging who had no resolution of their problems elsewhere.

Always keen to learn, Adam keeps up to date with current techniques and new technologies to ensure his clients have the best possible care available. He tries to ensure everyone is more than satisfied with his work and feels they have received the best treatment regardless of whether it is Private or NHS work.